is who

we are

our mission

We commit leadership and resources to enhance Red Wing’s vitality by working in partnership to address critical challenges and advance bold efforts that invigorate our community.

core values

We create

an environment that is equitable and welcoming – within our Foundation and in the community. We address barriers that prevent groups or populations from participating fully in our community.

We learn

authentically from stakeholders in the community and experts around the world to improve practice and identify new initiatives that improve Red Wing.

We seek

new, transformative ideas to address entrenched social problems. We build on – rather than tear down – emerging ideas and opportunities to serve the Red Wing community.

We build

the capacity of our grantees, partners, constituents, board and staff members to lead. We empower and support their leadership in the community.

We understand

that Red Wing’s success is dependent on so many others, and we seek to work with partners wherever possible to expand our collective reach and impact.

Social justice and equity have long been deeply embedded in the work of the Jones Family Foundation. Since our inception 1988 our board and staff have striven to live these values. The community has always been our compass and as such, we are active listeners. What we also know is that we can and must do better. We pledge to actively:


  • Examine and change, where appropriate, our grant making to ensure that there is not inherent bias in our decision making or grant application process.
  • Assess our board composition to be sure that it more accurately represents the makeup of our community.
  • Participate in self-assessment and educational experiences that will help the Foundation better serve our community with greater equity.
  • Create listening opportunities in our community so that we might learn firsthand from those most affected by inequality.